A Powerful Tip from Richard Branson and Bill Gates

Both Richard Branson and Bill Gates are highly successful multi-billionaires and you think they would use other people for just about everything (and this is true for most things) but they share a simple but effective technique that has helped them become so successful.

So what’s this hot tip?

They constantly make notes. 

Whether they’re participating in a lecture or meeting, at a party, evaluating new and existing businesses or anywhere else, they always have something to record their ideas. They may use physical pens and paper because it’s easy. They may prefer using an iPad, tablet, smart phone or other ways to write notes in a digital form.

Naturally many of the notes will later be discarded BUT that action of note-taking means you must listen more carefully, while writing down whatever is of interest, depending on where you are and what you’re doing. Both gentlemen have attributed great ideas and innovations as being triggered by something they noted at some point.

If you take your own notes and people ridicule you for it, don’t let it worry you because you’re the master of your own destiny and the naysayers will be left in the dust caused by your forward momentum.

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